Power to the Aspies

Empowered Parenting to Unlock the Potential of Your Aspergers / Autism Spectrum Child
by Becca Kline
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Publisher: Trafford Publishing

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781466993198

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Power to the Aspies is exactly that... the blow-by-blow fight against autism, bringing her child from total despair to overcoming power. Becca, an American university student married to a German businessman, was suddenly shocked into the reality that she was the divorced mom of a son born with Aspergers autism, in a country totally foreign to her. This is a detailed account of how Becca lived through the isolated, helpless, powerless grief of mothering a very sad son as he faced his school days with the pain of rejection and failure on every hand, and not knowing why. After years of in-the-trenches life, battling school administers, many "I'm just not sure... I can't help" doctors; and in-depth studying of books written about troubled children, Becca offers this book, showing parents how to help their child reach his/her full potential, and love every minute of it! Power to the Aspies is a tremendously informative read for anyone interested in human behavior. The conversational writing style is easy to read and engaging. Each chapter helps one understand an aspect of Aspergers and shares helpful advice. This book is loaded with compassion and practical help. Barbara Booth, M.S., LBSW Dallas, Texas Becca Kline has unlocked the capabilities of her eldest son, and has helped many other parents to do so. I have had the opportunity to work just a bit with him in the area of basic mathematics. He has a marvelous ability to focus on whatever academic pursuit he undertakes. He has not only taught himself languages other than his own German and English, but he has a wonderful grasp of scientific subjects as well. He now has his Masters Degree in chemistry and is employed by a prominent laboratory in London, England." Dr. Howard Duck, Ed.D