Potato virus Y: biodiversity, pathogenicity, epidemiology and management

by Christophe Lacomme, Laurent Glais, Dirk U. Bellstedt & others
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Publisher: Springer International Publishing

Publication Date: September 08, 2017

ISBN: 9783319588605

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Potato virus Y (PVY) infects a wide host range mainly within the Solanaceae and is distributed worldwide. PVY is transmitted by more than 40 aphid species in a non persistent manner. Isolates of the PVY species are highly variable at biological, serological and molecular levels. Epidemiological studies have highlighted the emergence of distinct potato PVY variants able to induce necroses on potato tubers. Due to the lack of efficient resistance to PVY isolates inducing necrotic symptoms in cultivated varieties and the plant-to-plant transmission of isolates through the daughter tubers, PVY has become the most economically important virus for the potato industry. The review offers an overview of several decades of research on PVY but also focuses on the latest data obtained by expert on PVY worldwide on the biological characteristics of PVY, interactions between aphids-hosts, its evolution and management. Identified knowledge gaps to understand further PVY biology will be discussed.