Play Your Best Pool

by Philip Capelle

Publisher: Philip Capelle

Publication Date: May 11, 2015

ISBN: 9780989891714

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Play Your Best Pool "Tops all previous 'how-to' books" on pool according to the National Billiard News. Here's why: It offers you a complete course on pool with hundreds of secrets, strategies, and perfectly drawn illustrations that will help you to improve all aspects of your game - whether you are a beginner, top amateur, or even a pro.
Forty photos demonstrate the correct stance, bridge, grip and stroke. Next is a complete course on aiming followed by a big chapter on shotmaking that shows you how to pocket cut shots, banks, combinations, billiards, and carom shots.
The lessons on using english will prepare you for a comprehensive course on play that will teach you how to control the cue ball like an expert play. Subjects covered: the position routes you must know, fine points of position play, and Capelle's 22 Principles of Position Play (which alone are worth far more than the price of the book).

Your success at 8-ball and 9-ball depends on your knowledge of each game. In two big chapters (packed with over 170 illustrations) you'll learn all about offensive and defensive strategies. In addition, your game will benefit from solid advice on kick shots, safeties, pattern play, break shots, and much more.
It takes practice to develop a strong game - so Play Your Best Pool provides you with a skills building program that includes over 20 exercises and a game plan for making your practice sessions as fun and productive as possible.
Complete discussions on the mental game, competition, and how to improve will teach you how to think like a winner, and how to win tournaments, money games, and in league play.

Phil Capelle is the most prolific writer in the history of pool with nine big billiards books covering more than 3,300 pages! And, for the last 17 years he has been the lead instructional columnist for Pool and Billiard magazine.

"This one is one of those rare books from which you can actually ...