‘Pinjare Waali Muniya’: A Semiotic Analysis

by Ankur Kapoor

Publisher: Ankur Kapoor

Publication Date: May 16, 2017

ISBN: 9781370203741

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'Pinjare waali Muniya' (The bird in the cage) is a well-known Indian folk song that is sung in its Hindi heartland with much fervor to date. The song has been adapted many a time into multiple versions over the years - a testament to how it has managed to capture imaginations for a long time. This essay provides a detailed semiotic analysis of the song, why it doesn't literally mean anything, and therefore what could the song possibly be signifying in terms of semiotics. Using Peircean, Barthesian and Sassurean theories, the essay tries to explain the reasons as to why a simple melody has remained with the masses and with poets, lyricists and musicians alike, transcending generations, social and cultural changes.