Pharmacotherapy of Gastrointestinal Inflammation

by Antonio Guglietta
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Publisher: Birkhäuser Basel

Series: Progress in Inflammation Research

Publication Date: May 23, 2016

ISBN: 9783034879309

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In recent years, the area of pharmacotherapy of GI inflammation has witnessed important progress, with new drugs and therapeutic approaches being introduced. The volume reviews the pharmacotherapy of selected gastrointestinal inflammatory conditions chosen on the basis of their clinical importance and/or the areas where important and exciting progress has been made recently. Besides discussing current pharmacotherapy to treat the most important GI inflammation conditions, the book also indicates possible future therapeutic avenues likely to become available in a few years.
The book is of interest to various sectors of the scientific community ranging from clinicians to pharmacologists and from biochemists to microbiologists, who will find it a useful tool for their clinical practice and research activity.