Pesticides & Biopesticides: Formulation & Mode of Action

The Labcoat Guide to Crop Protection
by Harald Teicher

Publisher: Harald Teicher

Series: The Labcoat Guide to Crop Protection

Publication Date: December 27, 2017

ISBN: 9781386912644

Binding: Kobo eBook

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PESTICIDES & BIOPESTICIDES: FORMULATION & MODE OF ACTION is the first book in the LABCOAT GUIDE TO CROP PROTECTION series. Aimed at students, professionals, and others wishing to understand basic biological aspects of Crop Protection, this book is an easily accessible introduction to essential principles of Pesticide and Biopesticide Mode Of Action and Formulation.

Because the mode of action of a biopesticide typically differs from that of conventional pesticides, the efficacy of the biopesticide must also be assessed differently - not only through field trials but also by estimating growth, stress tolerance, yield and quality of the final product. It is crucial to understand how a biopesticide works in a crop protection program, and to thoroughly test the product based on all potential benefits.

Variable biopesticide efficacy (often cited as a key weakness) is in part due to the influences of various biotic and abiotic factors, and in part due to a lack of biological understanding of the mode of action of these products - more than ever, it is up to producers to mediate this information to their customers.
Particular attention is given to pesticide and biopesticide formulation, delivery and application practices, specifically to understanding the impact of plant defence induction kinetics on application timing and placement.