Perfect 10 World Literature Plots #20-4 "ESTRANGED UNION – AMERICAN - JEWISH LITERATURE"

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by Perfect 10 Plots

Publisher: Perfect 10 Plots

Series: Perfect 10 Plots

Publication Date: January 18, 2019

ISBN: 9788829598786

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Heather Bernstein lives in Charlotte Amalie, in the US Virgin Islands. Following a troubled youth, she is forced into an arranged marriage with Solomon. He is twenty years older than she is. However, the marriage will see the birth of a prosperous business relationship between the families. Heather gives birth to three children while married to Solomon. When the latter dies of a heart attack, she finds solace in the company of a young cousin-in-law, Francis, whom she marries. Meanwhile her friend and cook, Camille, a mulatto who has lived with the family for years, falls in love with Isaac, a ward of the Bernstein family. The marriage is not allowed and Isaac is sent to Paris to manage Solomon’s business. He returns a couple of years later with his new wife, Justine, only to find that Camille has given birth to a daughter, Naomi. Justine and Isaac take the child from Camille and return to Paris. A year after her wedding to Francis, Heather gives birth to a son: Chaim. Chaim grows up to become a famous sculptor. He studies in Paris where he makes a point to find Naomi. They become steadfast friends. Ultimately Camille is reunited with her daughter. Chaim, for his part, falls in love with a Catholic girl named Catherine. Will Heather allows the marriage to take place? Will love win over this “Estranged Union”?

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