Perfect 10 Romance Plots #5 Complete Collection

Premium Pre-Made Novel Writing System
by Perfect 10 Plots

Publisher: Perfect 10 Plots

Series: Perfect 10 Plots

Publication Date: December 01, 2018

ISBN: 9788829563937

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Do any of these apply to you?

When you finally sit down to write - you got nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada?

You know you have 'a great book in you' but you don't know where to start?

You see numerous authors cashing in with their books - but don't know how they can write so quickly?

You just can't find the time to write?

You have the winning ideas, but you can't get them into any kind of order?

You have the motivation to write but you don't have the 'training'?

You want to write but you can't think up a winning plot?

Since 2014, Perfect 10 Plots has been the #1 Preeminent Pre-made Plots Brand used by thousands of writers as well as professional ghostwriters and international publishing houses worldwide.

It has been receiving accolades and a ridiculous frenzy of praises such as:

"I hire ghostwriters and I am also a publisher... I just bought your package... And I am blown away with them..." - Art Banzhof

"I have purchased literally dozens of plots, but these plots blow everything else out of the water" - Renee Kratz

"Using Perfect 10 Plots will be able to speed up the writing process. Since I am not having to take time to come up with characters, setting and the plot outline, this will allow me more time to just work on the creative part of the writing.... it sparks your imagination." - Melonee

"For our publishing business, out of hundreds of plots we've purchased over the last couple of years yours are the finest we've reviewed" - Richard Voight

You can take these plots and turn them into huge profits with just about any writer — either you can follow these complete outlines to create your own story or hand them off to a ghostwriter to develop into high-quality books.

Say goodbye to writer's block and blank page syndrome forever and eliminate ...