Perfect 10 International Espionage Plots #22-7 "THE MAN IN BELARUS"

Premium Pre-Made Novella Writing Template System
by Perfect 10 Plots

Publisher: Perfect 10 Plots

Series: Perfect 10 Plots

Publication Date: February 01, 2019

ISBN: 9788832506365

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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James Lansdowne, an MI6 operative was happy to get home to London until he finds out that his girlfriend, Lucienne has left him during his stint in a Syrian jail. Robert Melrose, Lucienne’s brother and James’s friend manages to get him an interview in London West End with Arnold Stavros, the head of a security firm. During the interview, James shoots Stavros accidentally. James’s MI6 handler, Claude Dickson (a.k.a. “C”) tells him that the only way to redeem himself is for him to accept an assignment in Belarus where he is to blow up a biological warfare lab located inside a hospital in Krichev. When James arrives on site, since Krichev is the village where he was born, he visits his uncle and meets with a childhood friend, Silvana. She works at the hospital in question. Silvana reveals that the hospital is not a biological warfare lab but the seat of an organ harvesting illegal operation. However, she is too late! James blows up the hospital and Silvana is killed as she tries escaping the Belarus military police. After obtaining information regarding this bogus assignment, James returns to London to confront his friend, Robert Melrose; the instigator, Arnold Stavros (who’s still alive) and his handler, “C”, responsible for the numerous deaths in the Belarus hospital. Will James finally find Lucienne? And if he does, will she forgive him for killing her brother?

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