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Publication Date: December 30, 2018

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Upon the death of the Taizhong emperor in A.D. 649, Emperor Gaozong succeeded him. One day, the new emperor passed a convent and met a woman named Wu Zetian. Her shaven head indicated that she had been a concubine – the former junior concubine to Emperor Taizhong. Undeterred by this, Emperor Gaozong bade her to come back to the palace and become his concubine. This quasi-incestuous relationship was not lost on the more conservative statesmen in China. Upon Wu’s arrival at the imperial palace she was met with disdain. Other concubines vied for the emperor’s affection, but Wu outlasted them all, eventually being proclaimed Empress in 655. Wu Zetian proved to be a shrewd and ambitious empress, becoming China’s de facto ruler. Gaozong allowed her to run the affairs of state in his name for the next few decades until his death in 683. Seven years later, Wu Zetian herself ascended to the throne without revolt, becoming China’s only female emperor. Was it vengeance against men that led her to the imperial throne?

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