Perfect 10 Fantasy Magic World Plots #23-6 "OCEANIA"

Premium Pre-Made Novel Writing Template System
by Perfect 10 Plots

Publisher: Perfect 10 Plots

Series: Perfect 10 Plots

Publication Date: February 09, 2019

ISBN: 9788832512830

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Sumani is scavenging along one of the beaches of Era Marina on Oceania when she meets Roland, a sovereign glider who lives on the island. After her mother’s death, Roland adopts Sumani and trains her to glide and fly with the family airfoils. These gliding foils are passed down from generation to generation. Since Roland and his wife have no children to date, Roland gives Sumani the use of the airfoils to cross the many seas covering the surface of Oceania. However, a few years later, Roland’s wife gives him a son by the name of Aralic, but dies in childbirth. Sumani will keep the airfoils until Aralic turns thirteen. When he comes of age, Aralic is entitled to inherit his father’s airfoils. However, Aralic has other ideas regarding his future: he wants to become a musician and writer. In the midst of indecision, a glider named Jason manages to confiscate Roland’s airfoils after Aralic makes a very poor showing of his gliding aptitude during a competition. Sumani pays a visit to Dorian, the Regional Councilor and demands the conveying of a Gliders’ Council. Will Sumani ever become the owner of Roland’s airfoils? Will Aralic ever become the writer and musician he wished to be?

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