Peace Through Stories

A Sedos Workbook
by Peter Baekelmans

Publisher: SEDOS Publication

Publication Date: November 27, 2018

ISBN: 6610000130481

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Peace through Stories is a collection of stories from all over the globe, which we hope you will enjoy, but also find instructive. They all have their way to help you to change your way of thinking by promoting a “holistic” approach to life, namely life in loving union with the world around it. These stories are arranged by theme. Because they come from different religious and cultural backgrounds, they encourage the reader to understand the other religion or culture better, and in this way they contribute to peace. Some of the stories aim at peace of mind or of heart, but others also aim at peace in the world. This book of stories is also a “workbook”. It can be used individually or in groups by looking first for the common theme, and then reading the explanatory notes and the commentary. To facilitate this we have added a proposed schedule and questions at the end of the booklet. “Peace through Stories” is an initiative of SEDOS, a Service of Documentation and Studies on Global Mission. SEDOS has already served for more than fifty years many Roman-Catholic religious-missionary Congregations in their reflection on the way to do Mission today. This workbook can therefore serve working groups on Inter-religious Dialogue or on Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation in their activities. The designs are by the artistic hand of Vibhutam (Koen Van Loocke) from Gent, Belgium. These thought-provoking pictures can be used for further reflection, meditation, and even prayer. Many thanks go to him for his invaluable contribution.