Parenting the Addicted Teen

A 5-Step Foundational Program
by Barbara Krovitz-Neren
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Publisher: Central Recovery Press, LLC

Publication Date: July 24, 2017

ISBN: 9781942094449

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The 5-Step Foundational Parenting Model is new in the addiction field and, unlike previous books, teaches parents a systematic approach to support their children in their successful long-term recovery, how to reconnect with the entire family, and how to be in charge again.

Unique in that it incorporates the perspectives, needs, and desires of teenagers and young adults, providing new insight and helping parents understand what their child is going through.

Offers additional guidance on how to address frequently co-occurring mental health disorders.

In 2013 over 4.1 million persons aged twelve or older received treatment related to substance use disorder. This translates into over eight million parents in need of ongoing practical guidance as they support their child’s post-treatment recovery.

Around 1,200 students enroll in one of the thirty-five (and quickly growing number of) recovery high schools operating in fourteen states every semester.