Over-Powering my Husband: 9 Dominant Women

by Ken Phillips

Publisher: Ken Phillips

Publication Date: November 15, 2018

ISBN: 9781386228981

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Thanks so much to the men and women in this book. They were kind enough to share pictures and tell me about their life experiences. I have spent two decades connecting with strong women and men who have experienced their power and butt-kicking abilities. Lynise and Leonard have a great marriage. Lynise has always known that she's stronger but at a certain point she wanted to up the ante. Lynise is a curvy powerhouse who knows how to use her thick, incredible thighs to trap her male prey. Learn about the dynamics between a beautiful powerhouse and her inferior husband.

Mira is a beautiful lady who grew up in the same home as her cousin. She explains how her older male cousin used to do pro wrestling moves with her. As Mira got older, she began lifting and her cousin peaked early size-wise. Mira enjoys play fully and seriously dominating and defeating Jamie.

Jeanne then discusses how she also turned the tables on her brother. Pete was, of course, embarrassed, but he also ended up, ironically enough, marrying a woman that is stronger than him. This smallish man ends up with a true love/hate relationship with strong women. You'll be amazed at the power that these women have. One look at their thighs and you'll fall in love.

Risa is a 5'9" 183 beauty! You'll go absolutely crazy when you see her rear-end. This is a knockout in more ways than one. Risa enjoys dominating and defeating the men in her life. Yes, she enjoys beating any/all opponents, but men she deals with on a regular basis are her favorites. It's better for Risa when she can look at her boss and family members and know that they have a healthy fear of her.

Yelena and Cindy come next! Yelena is Israeli and surprisingly defeated her husband who is also trained to grapple. Yelena then introduces us to Cindy who is like a mentor to Yelena. Cindy then makes mince-meat of Yelena's husband Yehudah and other men. But one Cindy isn't enough! This book ends with another Cindy.