Opposites Do Not Exist: a Breakthrough Philosophical Theory

by Doron Braunshtein

Publisher: Doron Braunshtein

Publication Date: January 08, 2018

ISBN: 9781370173181

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Every object existing on planet earth is different from any other object. This includes humans. At the same time, there are no opposites of anything in existence, not in humans and not in objects. To explain it in a simple manner: the fact that no two people and no two objects are exactly the same does not make them opposites.

In this thesis I will examine the idea that things and people which are different from each other does not make them- to anything living or not living- opposites in any way, shape, or form. All mankind, if not born with any birth defects, are born equal. In saying equal I mean, of course, in the physical. In the mental, the way of thinking, and above all things, in the way of feeling, we are all different. Different, but not opposites. In this thesis, the difference between the female and the male will not be examined. Both sexes will be examined as one- as human. In the definition of objects, I include all non-living things.