Opportunities, challenges and prospects of space journalism in Nigeria

by Felix Babatunde Ale
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Publication Date: February 25, 2016

ISBN: 9783668056169

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Research Paper (undergraduate) from the year 2015 in the subject Communications - Journalism, Journalism Professions, , language: English, abstract: This research paper explores the concepts of space journalism at an in-depth degree to give a complete understanding of the phenomenon. The findings are comprehensive, practical and relevant to the real world. The study focuses on some particular aspects such as the opportunities and challenges of space journalism. The study seeks to explore views from media practitioners, institutions of higher learning,developing nations as well as students. The approach of the paper is to cover the objectives illuminating of Nigeria as the case study. Nigeria is refered to as the giant of Africa, therefore in regard to the topic there is extensive research on the roles that space journalism could take so as to make the country a real giant of Africa. Furthermore, there is a critical analysis of space journalism highlighting the economic benefits in the technological arena of developing nations like Nigeria. For quality and reliable information, the primary source data has been scholarly materials, peer-reviewed journals, government articles and online sources. The research is based on qualitative approach since it provides a depth of unique understanding of events. On the basis of the purpose of this study, secondary data has been resourceful and relevant to the findings.

Felix Ale,a household name in the field of Journalism,Corporate Communications as well as Space Science and Technology development in Nigeria, is indeed an excellent professional with inspiring records of robust and broad based experience. An exemplary focus of discipline,dedication,selfless services,humility and loyalty,Felix Ale has defined himself as a strong,indifatigable and committed communication strategist and indeed a worthy ambassador of Nigeria Union of Journalists,a professional association he proudly belongs.