Operational Amplifiers

Introducing Operational Amplifiers
by Su TP

Publisher: Su TP

Publication Date: May 14, 2018

ISBN: 1230002320922

Binding: Kobo eBook

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* A Step-by-Step Guide to Operational Amplifiers

# Introducing Operational Amplifiers

This book is written in a friendly, easy-to-understand style that beginners and nontechnical readers will enjoy.

# Who needs this book?

Students with basic math skills (add, subtract, multiply and divide). An inexpensive calculator is all you need!

Learners, young or old, eager to unlock the mysteries of Operational Amplifiers

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# Contents:

  1. Operational Amplifier Basics
  2. Inverting Operational Amplifier
  3. Non-inverting Operational Amplifier
  4. The Summing Amplifier
  5. The Differential Amplifier
  6. The Integrator Amplifier
  7. The Differentiator Amplifier
  8. Operational Amplifiers Summary
  9. Operational Amplifier Building Blocks
  10. Op-amp Multivibrator
  11. Op-amp Comparator
  12. Op-amp Monostable

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