One-Day Miracles

by Michael Steven Purles

Publisher: Michael Steven Purles

Publication Date: May 11, 2015

ISBN: 9781301135042

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Think differently to master your weight - think yourself thin. Bring an end to the “yo-yo” cycle of losing weight, regaining it, losing it again . . .

One-Day Miracles has done what you would do – convert brain change science into proven effective and simple to use tools for long-term weight-mastery.
Long-term weight loss has two critical steps:
1.First, change your brain and thoughts, then
2.You can change your body

It is time to end temporary weight loss efforts. Any program that does not inspire and instruct in brain change is doomed to provide only temporary assistance. Change your brain and use its remarkable abilities to become the master of your weight.
Every action and behavior begins with a thought. You actually create your actions and yourself in your mind before you do in your body. With easy-to-use brain science tools, you will recreate yourself through a change in your thoughts, actions, and habits. In fact, this is the process required in all self improvement.

Remarkable personal advances can take place in a single day for lifestyle change. This guide focuses on the processes and tools needed to change your thoughts and brain for weight-mastery, a day at a time, the way we all live. You will be guided in the daily use of these 10 mental exercises to “think yourself thin.”
1.Goal creation: where are you going?
2.Success commitment: casual or determined?
3.Creative visualization: what you think about is what you do, virtual brain change
4.Brain change: rewiring your brain for healthy behaviors
5.Patience: necessary component of personal power
6.Willpower: persistent use of healthy processes
7.Give: to receive powerful personal support
8.Acquiring energy: fill your “batteries” from all of life’s power sources
9.Eliminate: self-sabotaging thoughts
10.Think: like a “naturally thin” person

One-Day Miracles is the mentoring guide you need to change your brain ...