Kinlaw Thriller, #1
by Chris Myers & DC Downey

Publisher: Books on the Edge

Series: Kinlaw Thriller

Publication Date: July 21, 2017

ISBN: 9781942630104

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award semi-finalist

* Publishers Weekly, an independent organization
...this novel has a solid plot and plenty of action that carry the reader along to the conclusion.

* Amazon Top Reviewer
A hard-to-put down mystery thriller after each and every techno savvy nerd's heart...

* Amazon Top Reviewer
This was an awesome read! The writer of "Offshored" has a tremendous talent in introducing the reader to the characters, providing pertinent information without making the paragraph(s) seem as though you are reading a fact sheet. The plot is fascinating; especially during a time were many companies are being taken out of the country and moved to low wage countries. I found myself unable to stop reading...

* Amazon Bestselling Author of the Sydney Parnell Crime Novels, Barbara Nickless
...DC Downey has pulled from history and the headlines to create a complex, action-packed thriller with plenty of suspense, plot twists, great detective work, conspiracies, and even a hint of romance.

Three days after Nikola Tesla contacted the U.S. War Department about his invention that would end World War II, he was found dead in the New Yorker Hotel. That same day, the Alien Property Custodian seized Tesla's technical papers, and the FBI classified them as Top Secret. During the Cold War, his research papers mysteriously disappeared from a government program code-named "Project Nick" at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The project focused on developing the particle beam weapon that allegedly would have ended WWII. 

Over seventy years later, one of Tesla's inventions destroys a TILAC Corporation plant. The FBI assigns fledgling agent Savannah Kinlaw to interrogate TILAC's disgruntled employees whose jobs have been ...