Nuclear Methods in Science and Technology

by Yuri M. Tsipenyuk
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Publisher: CRC Press

Publication Date: June 21, 2019

ISBN: 9781351427845

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This book provides scientists and engineers with a clear understanding of the basic principles of nuclear methods and their potential for application in a wide range of disciplines. The book will also be useful for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The first part of the book covers the major points of basic theory and experimental methods of nuclear physics. The emphasis is on the concepts and simple models which allow a feel for the behaviour of real systems, and on providing good coverage of the subject matter. In the second part of the book the extraordinary possibilities offered by nuclear methods are illustrated through the use of many examples. The Mossbauer effect, slow neutron physics, activation analysis, radiography, nuclear geochronology, channelling effects, nuclear microprobes and many other topics In modern applied nuclear physics are treated in detail. Recent applications such as tomography, use of short-lived isotopes in clinical diagnoses, nuclear physics in ecology and agriculture are also Included. Where alternative non-nuclear analytical techniques are available comparison is made with the relevant nuclear method to enable readers to judge which technique may be most useful to them. The book includes a bibliography and an extensive reference list with each chapter for readers who wish to delve deeper into a particular topic.