[Not] a Dictator - Hope Is What You Sell When You Want to Take Advantage of Someone

by C. G Liu

Publisher: C. G Liu

Publication Date: February 21, 2018

ISBN: 9781370799374

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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This is a grotesque story. This story is about a cynical alternate world with the same political climate. As one of the characters claims, “This is a story of love and anarchy. A businessman. A rebel. A politician. I am not the monster in this story. I am what the world asked for. The people have bought this. It is all a spectacle. The spectacle of inclusion. The spectacle of change. The spectacle of conflict. I am here to destroy what controls, alienates and crushes us every day. I am here to break this great delusion. You see, people live shallow and disconnected lives. Advertising and media has encouraged us to destroy parts of ourselves. And we do this just to fit in. Who you are shouldn’t be what you have. You shouldn’t hate me Alex. You should be thanking me!”

Pretending to be a good person for selfish reasons is a large part of the story. The story is mix of many other works and stories. The main character is Alex Hyde. He is a chronically lonely and bored man with social anxiety. His best friend is a charismatic, ruthless, pragmatic sociopath. As that one character would say, "I am not some nobody villain. I am not some nameless bad guy that can be swapped for any villain. I don’t want the peak of self-expression to be buying shit. I don’t want the illusion of making a difference.What do you do when the world destroys your sense of meaning? You try to change it into something that you can tolerate. Destroy the world."