North Korea

Unmasking Three Generations of Madmen
by Lightning Guides

Publisher: Callisto Media

Series: Lightning Guides

Publication Date: February 01, 2016

ISBN: 9781942411642

Binding: Paperback

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"North Korea: Unmasking Three Generations of Mad Men explores the mysterious legacy of the Kim family. From the annexation of Korea by Japan to the painful separation of North and South Korea following WWII, to the cult of personality created by Kim Il-Sung, North Korea will examine the context that created one of the most mysterious, fascinating, and frightening dictatorships in modern history. Kim Jong-Il's total control over the state-run media, the militarization of North Korean society, the surveillance and biodiversity of the DMZ, and the human rights record of Kim Jong-Un will contrast the vibrancy of South Korea and the tales of defectors who have been able to flee. With bold full-color pages, a variety of richly designed text elements, such as sidebars, callouts, top 10 lists, timelines, infographics, and maps, plus handy navigational features such as an index and table of contents, Lightning Guides deliver provocative, dynamic content while being entertaining and accessible. Lightning Guides—crafted to exceed the expectations of today’s reader."