Nomadic Proud

by Ramona Mayon

Publisher: Ramona Mayon

Publication Date: January 03, 2018

ISBN: 9781370444465

Binding: Kobo eBook

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These thirteen essays are about the years spent raising a young family on Ocean Beach in a flat-black BlueBird school bus/home, under the hate-filled eyes of the "real" residents.

Apartheid is not the same as Segregation and other lessons I never expected to learn in San Francisco. Segregation is merely codified bigotry, as in a matter of there, not here. Go there, you can't be here. Go to your place. Over there is your place, not here where I have to see you. Apartheid is them telling you there is no place for you & empowering their government to drive you out by force of law. Thinking themselves perfectly legal doing so because of WHAT you are.

My first (free) book @ "My Big Fat Book of Gypsy Traveller Lies, Hate & Bigotry", a photograph of words (580,529 words on 1918 pages) built from hate speech collected Nov 2011 - April 2012 from online news articles, essays, forums, threads, etc. for a visible slice of dis-information and naked hatred of the GRT, an acronym used by NGOs and European political parties for the gypsy-Roma-Travellers. This is an attempt to show how those in 'real' houses are able to authorize a pogrom, which is, after all, defined as a planned campaign of persecution sanctioned by a government, directed against an ethnic group. I am an American-born Scottish Traveller. I compiled the hate comments after I noticed the media didn't mention the ACTUAL number of arrests of Venice Beach "RV dwellers" (52) during the 2010 Thanksgiving holidays as if all that misery really didn't happen. I kept going around the globe following a tsunami of bigotry and took a snapshot to send society a postcard about what is happening out here.