No Room for a Son

Shirley's Revenge
by Marian Wuertz Quaglino
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Publisher: iUniverse

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781475901641

Binding: Kobo eBook

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A story of teenage revenge....

Bound to scruples he didnt expect, Ryan Daniels becomes involved with a spirited, individual, Shirley Freeman is adverse and openly crass. Planning to break from his errant partner, Ryan confronts her, but she will not let him go.

Im pregnant with your child, Ryan, she scoffs, youll never get out of this.

Thats a lie, Shirley, Ive never been stupid. You know that, he added.

Strange as it seems, Ryan, Shirley rebuked things do happen. Youre obligated now, and Im not sorry.

For six weeks Shirleys monthly cycle was off-key, pregnancy was obvious, and to hold the one that doesnt love her, the affair becomes a garish weapon. Threatening scandal, Shirley becomes raspy, and realizing the height of disgrace to his family, Ryan decides to sacrifice himself. Marriage is not what he wants, but knowing Shirley and her irresponsible disposition, he agrees to worthless nuptials. Seven months of antagonism nurtures hostility, Shirley delivers a boy, and still, Ryan denies he is the father. Shirley becomes irate, anger boils, and for revenge, she leaves the man she loves and the child she doesnt want. Seven years later, the drifter comes home. Ryan fiercely, resents her, and forcing her to leave, she blurts the granddaddy of all lies.