No More Sad Goodbyes

True-to-Life Series from Hamilton High
by Marilyn Reynolds

Publisher: New Wind Publishing

Series: True-to-Life Series from Hamilton High

Publication Date: August 19, 2017

ISBN: 9781929777105

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Autumn's life is nearly perfect-she's a top volleyball player and student, has close friends, and a father and grandmother who are raising her with an abundance of love, laughter, and common sense. If only Autumn weren't pregnant. If only she'd skipped Jason's celebratory champagne on his 18th birthday. If only. . . Then tragedy strikes. Autumn goes numb for weeks. By the time she begins to emerge from her grief and face reality, she is five months into her pregnancy and her choices are few. She must somehow find the inner strength to get through times more difficult than anything she might have imagined.