Nikola - The Secret Life and Work of Nikola Tesla

A Stage and Screen Play
by Karen Klami
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Publisher: Northshire Bookstore

Publication Date: March 01, 2016

ISBN: 9781605712895

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The far-reaching extent of the work and genius of Nikola Tesla is finally becoming known to the world at large, as more information has become readily available to the public.  Alternating current electricity, radar, laser, radio, x-ray, remote control, electric motors, robotics, wireless communication, and wireless transmitting of energy are only some of his contributions to modern living.  His inventions and discoveries are the ready subject for many books and other venues.  But what about the man?  What is the deep, inner driving force of such a profound mind?

In this full-length play and screenplay, both versions take their individual path into the psyche of the man whose eccentricities often plagued his personal life, and did battle with his ability to gain the respect and funds to fuel his scientific passions.  The exciting adventure into the mind of Tesla takes us into his childhood, where some of his most fascinating phobias originated, ultimately ruling his life.  His mingling with the rich and famous of his time, his tumultuous dealings with financier, J.P. Morgan, the sibling-like jealousy of Thomas Edison, and complicated inner wrestling in his personal adventures with J.P. Morgan’s daughter, Anne, and his best friends, Robert and Katherine Johnson, add to this unprecedented mix to create an intrigue of an unexpected kind.  Join the titillating, electric dance with Tesla and see who is able to survive the danger and stand beside him in the end.