Cultivating Critical Thinkers, Readers, and Writers in Language Arts Classrooms
by Ed Madison
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Publisher: Teachers College Press

Series: Language and Literacy Series

Publication Date: October 04, 2015

ISBN: 9780807774052

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In this book, Ed Madison—journalist, producer/director, and innovative educator—provides specific strategies to help teachers use journalistic learning to achieve positive outcomes that engage students in new ways. Journalistic learning is a teaching approach that borrows techniques from the journalism profession to better instruct students in research, reading, and writing in language arts and the social sciences classes. Drawing from extensive fieldwork in schools across the United States, Madison demonstrates how this approach is uniquely aligned with Common Core State Standards that call for more emphasis on nonfiction texts and digital literacy skills. Centered on research and writing projects that will yield publishable student writing, chapters demonstrate how this approach works across contexts and benefits a broad range of students from diverse backgrounds. The text also explores new and affordable approaches to teacher training.

Book Features:

  • Shows ELA teachers how to better engage students in reading and writing by tapping into their interests.
  • Offers effective and affordable strategies that are aligned with the CCSS.
  • Explores digital literacy and diversity, providing tangible strategies for bridging the achievement and technology gap.
  • Includes links to curricular resources, student videos, technology tips, and more.

“Authentic, meaningful, and passion-driven, Ed Madison masterfully demonstrates the power of journalism as an engaging learning experience. This book is a thoughtful and practical guide to implementing journalistic learning in schools.”
Yong Zhao, elected fellow, International Academy For Education, author of World Class Learners

“Ed Madison explains why the journalistic methods of verifying and clarifying information can motivate students to learn nearly anything.