New York State Folklife Reader

Diverse Voices
by Elizabeth Tucker & Ellen McHale
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Publisher: University Press of Mississippi

Publication Date: October 27, 2017

ISBN: 9781628469943

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Contributions from Robert Baron, Edith Bills, Dee Britton, Varick Chittenden, Lynn Case Ekfelt, Valerie Feschet, Ryn Gargulinski, Curtis Harris, Gus Hedlund, Dale W. Johnson, Kay Kennedy, Leota Lone Dog, Elena Martinez, Karen M. McCurdy, Ellen McHale, Felicia McMahon, Michael L. Murray, Barbara Myerhoff, Sandra Mizumoto Posey, Cathy Ragland, Linda Rosekrans, Puja Sahney, Julia Schmidt-Pirro, Brian Sutton-Smith, Elizabeth Tucker, Kay Turner, Tom van Buren, and Steve Zeitlin

New York and its folklore scholars hold an important place in the history of the discipline. In New York dialogue between folklore researchers in the academy and those working in the public arena has been highly productive. In this volume, the works of New York's academic and public folklorists are presented together.

Unlike some folklore anthologies, New York State Folklife Reader does not follow an organizational plan based on regions or genres. Because the New York Folklore Society has always tried to "give folklore back to the people," the editors decided to divide the edited volume into sections about life processes that all New York state residents share. The book begins with five essays on various aspects of folk cultural memory: personal, family, community, and historical processes of remembrance expressed through narrative, ritual, and other forms of folklore. Following these essays, subsequent sections explore aspects of life in New York through the lens of Play, Work, Resistance, and Food.

Both the New York Folklore Society and its journal were, as society cofounder Louis Jones explained, "intended to reach not just the professional folklorists but those of the general public who were interested in the oral traditions of the State." Written in an accessible and readable style, this volume offers a glimpse into New York State's rich cultural diversity.