New Thought Volume One: The Connecting Link

by Janette Getui

Publisher: Janette Getui

Publication Date: January 04, 2016

ISBN: 9781311182487

Binding: Kobo eBook

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There is a connecting link that God ensured every man, woman and child always had individual and private access to. Its main purpose was and still is meant to help you and I unify and navigate the two most important extremes in existence: The world of the physical and that of the Spiritual. Today there’s much talk about polarity and too much emphasis is placed on the polarities existing in the world, which are merely secondary causes. In essence, the main polarity to concern yourself with must be that of Spirit and Matter because closing that gap is the only way you can co-create life in a more powerful and joyful way. You are here in the world of things to enjoy and expand, to take thought, which is the preamble to everything where it has never been before, and thereby glorify God by allowing him to express himself through and as you more fully into eternity. We have no choice over life, so we will continue to perform this task whether in darkness coated with great suffering and misery or in the light with full grateful hearts. As long as we are alive, we shall continue to produce results, but we definitely have a choice over the quality of our life. Understanding and using rightly your connecting link will shift your life dramatically.