by Cole J. Freeman

Publisher: Brown Wall Publishing

Publication Date: May 14, 2015

ISBN: 9781310794537

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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In the early nineties, a tight-knit group forms. Young, reclusive, computer hackers are the core of the group, and find support with each other. In homage to the emerging World Wide Web, they create a chat room called Neuroptera. The name is an inside joke about flies trapped in a web. The chat room becomes a hub for information about the new digital world—specifically, information about how to exploit computers to enable them to reach their full potential. However, there is always the temptation for someone to use this information for illicit activities, and in the computer world, accomplishing an illegal act is not difficult. The ability to remain undetected is what separates the amateurs from the skilled.

One of the members of this underground computer scene begins to wonder if the human brain is much different from a computer. If it is, a person could manipulate, or even enhance, the human brain—as one can manipulate any other computer.

This is the story of a young prodigy, who has experience manipulating electronic devices to take advantage of telephone networks, and who helps bring Neuroptera to life while learning to code. In the midst of exposing an earthshaking political conspiracy, she must struggle to understand the repercussions of her accomplishments. She is forced to protect herself from those who do not want their activities known, forced to come out of her peaceful seclusion, and above all, she has to determine whether she has finally uncovered the truth or has lost her mind.