Natural Remedies to Treat and Prevent Heart Disease

by VT

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Publication Date: November 18, 2017

ISBN: 1230002010052

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Heart disease is America's number-one killer. Yet heart disease, which is primarily caused by inflammation and an accumulation of plaque in the coronary arteries, is one of the most preventable of all illnesses.


The key is to make lifestyle changes and take natural supplements. In fact, there is scientific evidence that people who already are suffering from heart problems can reverse the effects of the disease.


Here are three all-natural programs -- one for general heart health, another for high cholesterol, a third for high blood pressure. Choose one, two or all three programs.


If you are doing more than one at a time, don't double or triple up on supplements. Take no more than the highest amount called for in one program. All the supplements listed are available at most health-food stores.


Regular aerobic exercise is part of each of these programs, and I offer advice on getting the most out of exercise at the end of this article.