Naked Tarot

Sassy, Stripped-Down Advice
by Janet Boyer
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Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

Publication Date: September 28, 2018

ISBN: 9781782792123

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Spiritual adventurers are burning for truth, hungry for ways to affect and improve their destiny. Tarot can deliver, but most books offer impractical, confusing, irrelevant and regurgitated card interpretations, causing seekers to throw up their hands to say “I just don't get it!”

The good news? No Golden Dawn snooze-fest or Crowley catatonia in the book you're holding. With raw simplicity and outrageous honesty, author Janet Boyer presents helpful, hilarious and relevant advice that will forever change how you see the cards, and finally equip you to understand, and read, the Tarot. No punches pulled. No sugarcoating. It's time to be forearmed, forewarned and foresighted. It's time to get…naked.

'...a hard hitting, belly-laugh inducing, no nonsense guide to Tarot.'

Jenne Perlstein