"My" Memory Lane

by Judy L. Werker
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: July 06, 2015

ISBN: 9781463499907

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Defining abuse is a personal subject.  It may be physical abuse, mental abuse, child abuse – it takes many forms.  Do you know someone who may be going through this and don’t know how to help them or know what to say? Do you carry a burden for this person and want to help them?  Sometimes we just are not able to say or do anything, but just maybe, if you leave this book with them they can come up with a solution on their own and build their self-esteem.


This book came straight from my heart with a message I hope to reach any person who may be experiencing  abuse in their life – in any form.  I firmly believe God allows us to experience things in our life that are not pleasant, are sometimes down right hurtful in order for us to grow spiritually.  When we grow spiritually, then comes the need to help others.  And love others. Then comes the healing balm.  When we open these channels, doing it freely and of our own will, then the blessings come many, many times over.  It’s a wonderful circle of life, meant to be shared.