My Journey as a Realtor

by Pat Morrell-Donnelly
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781463423377

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This is a book about the life and experiences of Pat Morrell as a Realtor, and a real estate broker. On her long journey she spent over fifty one years in the real estate industry as an active agent. She traveled through many valleys and over many mountains, experiencing challenges, losses, and trying times. It required faith, determination, and persistance. There were constant, new experiences, and changes in the market, and the paper work requirements. The book includes articles and poems Pat wrote that were published over the years in the Real Toro, Real Estate Guide, and SACBOR by her real estate board. Some of the articles are motivational, and some are about the lives of realtors, including Presidents of her Board of Realtors. Her book, So You Want To Sell Real Estate was started over thirty years ago, and never completed. Because of other obligations, and lifes challenges, it was filed away until just recently. Those pages are included in her book, as well as other miscellaneous, inspirational, motivational, and thought provoking articles and poems. The survivors can take a trip down memory lane, journeying back through the years.