My First Scene Book: Acting Up, Acting Out, Acting Right

51 Scenes for Children
by Kristen Dabrowski

Publisher: Crossroad Press

Publication Date: August 17, 2017

ISBN: 6230000001705

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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In new and strange situations, it can be hard to know what to do and how to act. My First Scene Book can help! And each of the 51 one-minute scenes -- from the real to the downright silly -- is just right for five- to nine-year-olds. Like all books in My First Acting Series, My First Scene Book is interactive, featuring pictures and discussion questions. It is easy to get your family and friends involved--what do they think? Do they agree or disagree? Jump into other lives and let your imagination soar! Parents and teachers, this is an excellent way to facilitate critical thinking and character building. Though the approach is sometimes zany and unconventional (shh--no one will know they're learning!), these scenes show real issues students may encounter, provoking lively, meaningful participation. Use it for story-time and drama, reading, writing, ethics, and art classes. Be creative and have fun!