My Daily Constitution Vol. I

A Natural Law Perspective
by Richard J. Rolwing
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Publisher: Xlibris US

Publication Date: June 29, 2015

ISBN: 9781453565766

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Subtitled: A NATURAL LAW PERSPECTIVE, 365 essays, each 365 words, on Uncle Sam´s birthright, genealogy, and orientation, OR the Constitution´s philosophical and historical presuppositions and implications, OR Philosophy for Dummies. Many modern historians and thinkers describe western history as a progressive movement toward freedom--freedom from religious and rational morality.  For them Uncle Sam rides the current crest of this wave.  The American government is said to be agnostic about religion and indifferent about philosophy.  There is no universal anthropology behind political judgements, no rational psychology behind political institutions, no history behind arguments, no epistemology behind communications, no metaphysics behind American independence, no ethics behind our Constitution, no moral authority behind our laws, and no logic behind their interpretation.  In fact, there are no bonds to anything past, especially since there are no foundations either temporal or ontological for any convictions whatsoever.

This view grossly distorts Uncle Sam´s basic orientation, and the distortion is really an attempted abortion, because many moderns have a phobia about that orientation, which is Natural Law.