Motivating Students

A simple six step action plan to increase student motivation in your class
by Wayne Sheldrick PhD

Publisher: I Coach Teachers Books

Series: Classroom Management Series

Publication Date: November 13, 2015

ISBN: 1230000139441

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Do you want a class where every student is motivated to learn? 
Then you need to purchase your copy of Motivating Students right NOW!
In this new book from the author of Classroom Management Made Easy you will learn how to implement a simple six step action plan to have every student clamoring to get to their seat so they can begin their work each and every day. 
You will learn why we must:
• Rethink the structure of our classes and the time distribution for school activities.
• Rekindle intrinsic motivation by giving the students more say in the direction we all go with the curriculum.
• Spend more time getting to know our students as individuals, not just within the context of whether they have understood the lesson, but what is happening in their lives.
• Take evaluation out of the face of our students and not use it to rank order or compare students.
• Create a relaxed, open and trusting classroom environment in order for students to perform at their best.
• Provide a learning environment where an inability to do something is not viewed as a failure but rather a situation which needs more instruction.
• Provide a learning environment where children want to be and want to learn.

Whether it is the beginning of the school year or semester, or in the middle of the term, the ideas in Motivating Students will change how your students think about school and learning, and make your job as a teacher so much easier and more enjoyable.