Mom, Mania, and Me

Surviving and Changing a Volatile Relationship
by Diane Dweller
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Publisher: Writing Ink, LLC

Publication Date: August 08, 2016

ISBN: 9780944749036

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Life with Diane Dweller’s mother Dixie is unpredictable, especially during the jubilant part of her periodic spells. Dixie hosts large parties, impulsively buys cars and houses, and speeds everywhere. Unfortunately, her spells sometimes include explosive anger. The vivid description of the impact of a mental illness on a family in Mom, Mania, and Me is an inspiring story of survival that provides hope for others in volatile relationships.

Fun, chaos, and heartbreak describe Diane’s lifetime struggle to cope with her mother during her manic spells that sometimes include explosive anger. As a child, Diane yearns to feel loved, but Scary Mom’s angry outbursts send her into hiding. She desperately wants to escape. As a teen Diane the Wimp is determined to stand up to her highly critical mom–until she tries to. She finally escapes at seventeen–into the arms of a controlling husband. 

            As an adult, a series of seismic events change Diane, Dixie, and their dysfunctional relationship. Dixie’s vivacious and devastating spells are diagnosed as bipolar disorder, a mental illness due to a chemical imbalance in her brain.

The survival behaviors Diane develops over the years take her from her frightened childhood, hiding under her bed, to her successful appearances on national television as a successful author. The scared child, frustrated teen and insecure young adult shares how she learns to develop self-esteem, stand up to difficult people, and to accept what she cannot change.

Mom, Mania, and Me fills a void in the books about mental illness: it is told from the viewpoint of a child of a bipolar parent and focuses on mania, rather than depression. The book’s appendix includes facts and data plus contact information for organizations that provide help to families with mentally ill members.

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