Mom, Mania, and Me

Surviving and Changing a Volatile Relationship
by Diane Dweller
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Publisher: Writing Ink, LLC

Publication Date: November 28, 2016

ISBN: 9780944749005

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FINALIST Tucson Festival of Books Competition


    Hope and heartbreak describe Diane Dweller’s struggles to improve her dysfunctional relationship with Dixie, her mother. Dixie has periodic spells that start with laughter, parties, and shopping. The fun stops when her actions spiral into manic, bipolar episodes that devastate Diane.

    Will Diane, a scared child, intimidated teen, and insecure adult ever stand up to Dixie? Or gain her approval? How can Diane let go of negative memories and change this turbulent mother-daughter relationship? A series of startling events help Diane discover what works, what doesn’t.

    Informative and inspiring, this poignant memoir of coping and changing provides hope to others in volatile relationships.

    Includes Book Club Questions and Mental Health Facts, Data and Resources.


Diane Dweller’s book Mom Mania and Me is an account of her life coping with her mother Dixie. Her book is a magnificent achievement even for such an accomplished author.

Growing up in Texas with a doctor father and nurse mother, Diane recounts the story of great survival against the odds.

Dixie was the unstoppable ever-on-the-go-party planner and organizer, high in mania from a bipolar illness. She is organizing everyone, shopping incessantly, buying cars and speeding everywhere. Diane recounts with passion her mother’s absurd antics which take a huge toll on family and friends. Diane seeks and finds ways to escape the trauma of Dixie’s ‘Scary Mom’ outbursts of physical and emotional abuse.

From a traumatic, devastating, roller coaster ride of a life, Diane manages to gain greater understanding about her mother. She develops survival behaviors and discovers significant insights into managing her mother.