Moggy's Musings

by Francis Meyrick

Publisher: Francis Meyrick

Publication Date: June 19, 2017

ISBN: 9781370055449

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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In this book Francis Meyrick wanders unashamedly on the spiritual and contemplative side of life. Describing himself as a ‘seeker’, Moggy freely admits to a more or less continuous state of mild confusion. In the first of these 58 short stories, he invites us to join him for a ride on his motorcycle. Where to? “I have no idea. I shall probably just point her nose into the rising sun. And go like hell.”
He describes the beauty of nature, from mountains to rocky shorelines, from birds around islands in the North of Scotland to fish seen hundreds of feet below a fishing boat in mid-ocean. As a long-time helicopter pilot, he shares his joy in the views from his ‘office in the sky’ ? and his sadness at losing so many of his fellow ‘helicopter jockeys’, his ‘brothers’. He describes his introduction to ‘the Whacky Races’ (driving in America), and mischievously suggests that Tuareg ladies would make wonderful helicopter pilots. Not to mention the major impact their leadership style might have on corporate America.
The world, Moggy says, contains some very odd and conflicting ideologies and religions, and even has all sorts of people waging Holy War. In order to please a supernatural being, who must go under different names. Moggy, who is not the brightest bulb, tells of encountering some fundamental difficulties trying to figure out all those belief systems and Gods. He says it keeps him 'real busy' trying, but he's frankly 'not very good at it'. In this book, you will find no preaching, no sermons. You can however, walk a mile in Moggy's shoes, as he unashamedly holds the hand of a handicapped young black man, flies long hours over endless waves, and worries about the impact of Dollars on the social fabric of ancient communities.
Moggy's spiritual confusions and confuddled experiences are recounted with a gentle humour. Often in what he calls ‘doggerel verse’:
“A small man, rhyming, puzzling long
Composing, ...