Modern Homesteading – Self Sufficiency: 5 Books Bundle Beginners Guide To Canning & Food Preservation; Raised Bed Gardening; Raising Chickens; Growing Organic Vegetables; Vermin Control:

by Norman J Stone

Publisher: Deanburn Publications

Publication Date: November 12, 2015

ISBN: 9781513096810

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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‘Quick Bites’ Introductions to the world of homesteading or smallholding as it is known in the UK. Whether you are a

weekend homesteader, or are involved full time in sustainable living by growing your own vegetables and rearing your own

chickens; these homesteading guides offer a chance to look into the world of self-sufficiency.

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 “Anyone that wants to get back to their roots and learn to live as our elders did... THIS IS the book you need to start with. Love the diverse content and the writing style that makes it easy and fun to read. As our society evolves into a spiralling mess of speedy convenience this and that...we are quickly losing site of the value and importance of this basic food storage and survival knowledge. This special collection is the perfect re-introduction into these practices. I have and will recommend to all my contacts." By Renee Benner.

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“Was very informative and interesting...loved the book and would definitely recommend it... thank you for

offering it, I would share this one with family”  By Orpha J Walker

There is no doubt about it, self-sufficiency, or the ability to cut costs and improve general health by DIY means,  is now amongst the top priorities in the average household. Food prices are rocketing for many consumers, and suspicions regarding manufacturing techniques, chemical preservatives and many other issues regarding mass-produced foods; are encouraging many to look to Homesteading techniques that have been tried and tested for millennia.

Here is a series of introductory books to the world of self-sufficiency or Homesteading – I trust you will find them invaluable in your quest to get back control of your life, from the supermarket shelves!

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