Misfit Children

An Inquiry into Childhood Belongings
by Jessica Balanzategui, De-Valera N. Y. M Botchway, Daniel Butler & others
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Publisher: Lexington Books

Series: Children and Youth in Popular Culture

Publication Date: December 14, 2016

ISBN: 9781498525800

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Misfits are often confused with outcasts. Yet misfits rather find themselves in-between that which fits and that which does not. This volume is interested in this slipperiness of misfits and explores the blockages and the promises of such movements, as well as the processes and conditions that produce misfits, the means that enable them to undo their denomination as misfits, and the practices that turn those who fit into misfits, and vice versa. This collection of essays on misfit children produces transmissible motions across and engages in scholarly conversations that unfold betwixt and between in order to make rigid concepts twist and twirl, and ultimately fail to fit.