Mirror of the Soul: A Flutist's Reflections

by DeVizia, Tania M.
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Publisher: Balboa Press

Publication Date: July 09, 2015

ISBN: 9781504335348

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Mirror of the Soul is a reference to the precious metal silver and its superior reflective abilities. Silver jewelry reflects one's personality and silver instruments, which render the purest tones, have the ability to reflect one's soul. Classical flutist Tania M. DeVizia uses her silver flute as a tool to connect with the divine and thus mirror her soul. In this book, she merges theology and science, time and eternity and hands-on healing with sound healing. She analyzes and reflects upon the five roles of Jesus when he walked this earth and describes the manner in which music and art mirror His roles of Good Shepherd, Healer and Miracle Worker, Carpenter and Stone Mason, Fisher of Men and Son of God. Her text reflects her quest for truth. She believes we have an innate desire to reflect the highest ideals of the Creator in all our works of art. The words on these pages mirror the soul of a flutist who enjoys listening, observing, analyzing, hearing, and sharing her insights with others.