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Facts and Solutions to Inherited Generational Trauma and Absorption
by Joy Wisdom

Publisher: Self pub

Publication Date: December 01, 2017

ISBN: 9780956689955

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We are all unique. We don’t all fit into a box for our structured emotional or mental health approach today. I realised what we offer in talking and cognitive therapy is a plaster approach, that has no lasting solutions. We have the ripple effect from family and friends were suffering from depression and anxiety, it touches us all. People were crying out, looking for a different approach to help each individual, to find answers, to move on from emotional and psychological disorders they live with. Mental health numbers of are growing daily, even our under-fives are suffering! What are we doing that is growing to horrendous levels of deprivation for society? But who’s emotions and stresses are we living? Our own or are we living our ancestor’s pain and beliefs? Our parents or grandparent’s anxiety and stress or have we generated our own through neglect and desensitisation? We are aware and understand genetics and the inherited gene perfection and/or malformation via science. But we seem to be less aware of other inherited influences, emotional and psychological impacts from parents, grandparents, lineage and culture. Modern history has left its mark with horrors and atrocities psychologically from WWI, WWII and civil war, globally we live continual ramifications. Absorption from our hand me downs from foetal formation, stress and anxiety while forming via hormonal stimulus and brain patterning, likes and dislikes are formed however, so is our strength and weakness, our courage, self-esteem and self-worth, levels of coping with life and our breaking point of overwhelm all is formed in Utero (womb). In my quest for answers to mental health dysfunctions, psychological and emotional disorders, I found Inherited Generational Trauma and Absorption (IGTA) often the cause and outcome for individual’s distress, anxiety and depression. I went on to develop new radical techniques to alleviate, eliminate symptoms and retrieve lost lives.