Metaphilosophy of Creation

Cosmos and beyond Cosmos
by Dr. Prattipati Ramaiah

Publisher: Notion Press

Publication Date: January 20, 2017

ISBN: 9781945926334

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Some of puzzling Metaphilosophical Questions on Creation:
1) Who was there before creation?
2) Is there a beginning and an end to this creation?
3) Do other universes exist, similar to the universe we live in?
4) What was the first principle or tatwa that put the creation process into action?
5) Is there any controlling force to rule the universe and to keep the universe harmonious?

Some of the Cardinal cosmic laws are:
“What is evolved is necessarily caused.”-- Cardinal cosmic law
- “Being originated it is destructible/changed.” -- Cardinal cosmic law
- “What is caused is limited.” -- Cardinal cosmic law
Evolution takes place every moment*.
“A moment is that period of time unit by which an Anu (atom) in motion gives up its previous position and reaches the succeeding place.”
— Maharshi Vyasa. (3000BC)
*A moment (Kshana) indicates the smallest unit of time.
“Dharma is the form of Dharmi”. “There is no Dharma without a Dharmi”
“Dharma Parinama =Characteristic Manifestation is known as Creation”

This subject of creation is generally considered obscure, abstract, secretive and unfathomable. But knowledge is self-luminating and the Veda is knowledge. The ancient wisdom of Bharathadesam is the source of illumination for the concepts of creation.