Medical Intimacy

Deeper Understanding Allows for Deeper Healing
by Charles D. Coram
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Publisher: Balboa Press

Publication Date: January 15, 2018

ISBN: 9781504375238

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Many of us wonder if there might be just one thing that we can doone simple thingthat might help us improve our lives, our health, and the health of those we love, especially when we are dealing with illness. Yet while medical professionals focus on the bottom line of the symptoms and diagnoses of our illnesses, what if that one thing we really needed for healing was more elusive than a diagnosis and treatment plan? What if knowing ourselves was that simple thing to help us find healing? In Medical Intimacy: Deeper Understanding Allows for Deeper Healing, author Dr. Charles D. Coram explains how an integrative, energetic approach to healingone that asks patients to think about their wellness holistically and introspectively as a process for connecting with a true selfcan offer a unique and fulfilling journey to health. Sharing his own professional experience with helping patients develop an intimate awareness of themselves as the first step of healing, Dr. Coram outlines the basic steps for healing and illustrates them in the lives and stories of his patients. From gaining back hope, finding belief, and examining intention to dissolving self-destructive patterns, expanding our perspectives, and coming to terms with trust and fear, the path of healing is as much an inner journey as it is a search for physical treatment and medicine. With this comprehensive, integrated vision of healing, we can confront disease and illness physically, psychologically, and spiritually.