“Marriage, Seeing It God’S Way”

by Elder Victor R. Cooper
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781491801659

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In June 2005 the Lord purpose in my heart to learn more about His word. Having a thirsty for knowledge the Spirit led me to Virginia Baptist College (seminary school). Been obedient to the Spirit of God He blessed me to receive my Master degree in Ministry (Theology) May of 2008. It was during my training there I was lead to write this book Marriage, Seeing it Gods way. Many times I prayed asking God to show me how to be a good husband according to his word. While writing this book the Lord helped me achieve the desires of my heart by becoming a loving husband. After so many years of doing things wrong in the marriage I had a yearning to do it Gods way and fulfilled my purpose as a husband. My soul purpose was to please God and my wife (help mate) of 30 years. The Lord revealed many things to me one particular characteristic about me He showed me stood out more than all others. Love her as Christ loved me with longsuffer and forgive. Out of the process of time through many hours of seeking the Lord in pray, fasting and studying the Scriptures, the Lord opens up my mind to put these thought in the form of a book. I am thankful for the fellowship He allow me to share with Him, the many conversations we had, the tears I shed and the long hours of research. Two things I learned about God during this process, (1) He will meet you where you are, (2) He will always tell you what you dont want to here. Be careful what you ask for. Writing this book also allowed me to achieve many other goals; To come a certify Sunday school teacher ETA (Standard & Advance courses), Ordained Elder PCAF, Inc., Aug. 2011 and a graduate of ESSC Ministerial Training Course and a new career. I truly thank my wife for her patient and love she was the motor that kept me going but God was the source. I pray this book be a blessing to all who reads it. God bless.