Management of Innovation Strategy in Japanese Companies

by Kazuki Hamada & Shufuku Hiraoka
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Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company

Series: Japanese Management and International Studies

Publication Date: October 07, 2016

ISBN: 9789813100299

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Traditionally, innovation has been considered difficult to manage, as it occurs through contingent discoveries and inventions. For effective innovation management, it is necessary to determine what provides new value to customers and achieve this new value efficiently, while solving the technical problems. This book explores how innovation management for industrial revitalization and activation are conducted in Japanese companies. "Innovation" has diverse definitions, but the editors of this book have adopted the one proposed by J A Schumpeter. The features of innovation management in Japanese companies are considered systematically in the book. Positive analyses using questionnaires and innovation management strategy in individual industries and companies is also explored in detail.


  • Management of Innovation Strategy and Management Control:

    • Strategic Management and Profit Creation in the Context of Innovation: The Management of Innovation Value Chains (Kazuki Hamada)
    • Idea Decision-Making for Innovation: How Can Good Ideas be Discovered Organizationally? (Takeshi Ito)
    • Management Control System to Promote Innovation and Corporate Venturing (Katsuhiro Ito)
    • Do Management Control Systems Really Contribute to Product Innovation? (Kazunori Fukushima)
    • Solving the Wage Differentials Throughout the Supply Chain by Collaborative Innovations for Changing the Parts Prices and Costs (Yasuhiro Monden)
    • The Inherent Roles of Management Accounting for Promoting Innovation: The Case of Material Flow Cost Accounting (Tatsumasa Tennojiya)
  • Considerations of Innovation Management From the Perspective of Individual Industries and Companies:

    • Innovation Strategies and Segment Reporting: A Case Study of ...