Magical oil Recipes

by Issha Mehta

Publisher: Notion Press

Publication Date: October 04, 2018

ISBN: 9781644294178

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Magic oils, generally called conjure oils, ritual oils, hoodoo oil, dressing oils, and anointing oils, have been a part of hoodoo rootwork practice for as far back as oral histories and written records exist.
It is a blend of essential oil with a carrier or a base oil to create a specific outcome! How in indian tradition we use gemstone or semiprecious stones to alter one’s reality or problem same way here the hoodoo  practitioner often sees hoodoo as a sort of personal power that can help them or other people through their knowledge of herbs, minerals, bodily fluids, and possessions. The magical blend can be used based on one’s inclinations, desires, interests, and habits. Hoodoo oils or conjure oils are been made accessing the gods and other supernatural forces in order to bring improvement to a person’ life. With this variety of knowledge and power, a practitioner can help a person in all aspects of life, including luck, love, evil, and restraining enemies.

In this book there is a word to word description on how each herb has a magical correspondence to a specific alteration and hence blended few of the aromas to create a specific outcome one desires, the idea is not to purchase an expensive version of gemstone when you can alter one’s situation with using this specific blend and changing the situation around!
The author has worked with this aromas for a decade now and the recipe sold in the bottles had never given a client reason to complain many have got married, earned riches and success stories are uncountable!
Hence decide to pen down this formulas to help mass in helping themselves with these basic skills!