by David Nollmeyer

Publisher: David Nollmeyer

Publication Date: September 11, 2018

ISBN: 9780463348703

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Lycurgus is a miniature storyboard of a Reverse Sting Operation. Hence this occurs when the police use an agent to entrap another. There should be no use, manufacture, possession, or distribution of a crime. Hence in a marijuana Reverse Sting all of the contraband should be recovered and not be distributed. In Fast and Furious, US Federal Agents permitted weapons to Walk, in effect be distributed in Mexico without being seized.

Lycurgus is based at the level of actors supplying a high school and community with contraband. It's description of tactics are irrefutable for the history of marijuana in the United States.

Lycurgus reflects the techniques that can be used in crime scene reconstruction and reality television. These techniques are needed in so called hot scenes. However racketeering is a perpetual criminal enterprise. These tactics are undermining many nation-states. The illegal immigration issue is an example of how prisoner dilemma based enterprises move with the police. They sustain by reverse stinging a proportion of their clients.

Lycurgus is simple and to the point. Racketeering is a form of crime creation. Canada has legalized marijuana after admitting failure to honestly pursue mrijuana as contraband in 2018.